Bal-Ami G120 JukeBox


Bal-Ami G120 JukeBox

Comes with 120 45rpm vinyl records.

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Bal-Ami G120 JukeBox

The history of BAL-AMi jukeboxes spans only around 11-12 years, from 1951 to 1962. For the most part the jukeboxes that were manufactured were derivatives of those produced by AMi (Automatic Musical Instrument Company) of the USA, and made under licence. However, around half of the models produced used the basics of the USA designs to produce smaller units for the UK market.

In 1951, import restrictions in the UK determined that manufactured goods from abroad could only be sold in the home market if at least 53% of the content was British made. Samuel Norman  of the Balfour (Marine) Engineering Company, saw an opportunity to build jukeboxes in the UK using existing American designs. He met John Haddock who ran AMi at that time and set up an agreement to import some of the AMi components, whilst manufacturing others in the UK. These parts would be used to build AMi designed jukeboxes under licence. The UK machines would be called BAL-AMi

Made around 1955, this Bal-Ami G120 is a beautiful step back in time to the hay day of record based music. Designed to play 45rpm records, the sound quality is still amazing even 65 years on. Stored inside are 120 records, all in excellent condition, and still playing the classics. As you can see the mechanical movement is smooth, as it selects the next record. The jukebox can operated from the inside, so no need to save up a bunch of nickels and dimes, unless you want a musical piggy bank as well!

Inside the jukebox are 3 valves to produce the classic jukebox sound, so as this beauty warms up, the sound produced only gets better!

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Weight 144.25 kg
Dimensions 69 × 83 × 156 cm

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